" Shake and stay Safe "
lifePOI system

lifePOI supports peace of mind by creating a safety network of people who matter most and helps seniors to take control of their lives enabling assisted living services.



With LifePOI you can:

  • Create your own Safety human network of “People of Interest” (family members, relatives, teammates, colleagues) or whoever matters most.
  • Share your real-time location easily by shaking your mobile, disable the feature whenever you want
  • Marked yourself as SAFE during life-threatening events (earthquakes, physical disasters, terrorist incidents and many more)
  • View the real-time location (POI) of whoever matters on a private visual map that’s only visible to your network
  • Identify Falls using Smart subsystem with controlled sensitivity: Receive emergency alerts when one of a Family member Fall. Our smart algorithm has addressed all the state of the art requirements avoiding false alarms.
  • Emergency Event Alert: Enable this feature and send alerts concerning an emergency event. Send your coordination and call 112 or 911 automatically.
  • Spot a stroke according to BEFAST protocol: Use Balance-Eyes-Face-Arms-Speech-Time (BEFAST) scale and administer the scale on scene to all who were within 6 hours of onset of neurological symptoms.
  • Call 112 by pressing a button


How does LifePOI work?


  • Download the app
  • Verify your mobile phone number/email and add a Photo of you
  • Create Profile (optional)
  • Add your Emergency Contacts
  • Create your human network of POIs by sending invitations with your code or filling the private code of the others
  • Share a link with all to download the app on their mobile phone.
  • On Acceptance you can start interacting with all and assist them or receive help



Main Description of Features

Visual human network of “People of Interest”

Create your visual Human network of “Points of Interest” and share your location in real-time mode.  Stay connected and in sync with your entire family or teammates and eliminate the multiple texts needed, coordinate emergency events and support assisted life. Thanks to GPS sensors of each smartphone, LifePOI locator can project POIs in an interactive visual map.


Finding Family


The LifePOI uses innovative GPS location technology to report the real-time whereabouts of those that have accepted your invitation to join your Human network of POIs and share their location. Simply install the LifePOI app on your phone, and invite your family or teammates, or you colleagues. Once registered, each member appears as a unique POI on the visual interactive map so you’ll know exactly where they are. No need to send “Where are you?” or “What’s your ETA?” texts, the LifePOI provides this information on hand making your life easy. Download LifePOI all sides and take care of all.


Assisted Living  


LifePOI is especially useful when dealing with elderly that could suffer falls or other setbacks away from home. From now on, you will be able to support their assisting living take care of your elderly relatives anytime, anywhere with the help of smart sensoring subsystem (Accelerometer, GPS locator and tracker).


Emergency SOS / Panic button


A SOS/Panic button is included to take care and help your elderly relatives. When pressed, several actions are triggered for example your phone call automatically the 112, Play a Panic sound and sends your exact location to the relatives that have declared you as an Emergency contacts. For some countries, the emergency or panic button does NOT automatically dial 112, but triggers all the other actions.


Marked yourself as SAFE during a night out or a disaster


Using LifePOI you can mark yourself at anytime as safe informing the members of your Human network that you feel safe. This feature is very useful during a night out or even emergency events (earthquakes, physical disasters, terrorist incidents and many more). A relativevia app can see your safety status and your location without take any other action (texting, calling etc.). Sometimes the workload of GSM networks does not allow communication sessions especially in cases of a disaster or in places with low signal. Install the LifePOI and Give you and your network members the ability to mark themselves as SAFE.


Smart Fall Detection with controlled sensitivity

If the phone user was to either has a fall or a sudden jerk while driving, the phone will start triggering a number of actions including (send out a message to emergency contacts, send out location etc.). The settings sensitivity can be modified based on the phone user’s lifestyle. Enable this LifePOI feature and keep track of activity even Fall, using the information collected by embedded smart phone sensors such as the accelerometer.


POIs History

Monitor the POIs of your network. Access these POIs remotely via your phone or of our web dashboard (upcoming version) to track current location and location history of up to 90 days. Keep an eye on your network members and ensure they are safe.

Profile emergency medical information

Critical information and details like doctors name, diseases, allergies, and other pertinent medical information remain unavailable during emergencies. LifePOI ensures all these and more are available at your fingertips if an emergency is to occur.


Geo-fence Controlled Zone (Upcoming version)

Configure a specific Geo-Zone and receive alerts when a member of your networks of POIs leaves or enters (neighborhood, square, local or metropolitan area). Geo-fence alerts are sent out to in LifePOI center.