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Unexpected events can happen at any time.

lifePOI makes it easier to track the activities of children (POIs) when they are out of home. Parents can derive a lot of data from the location of their POIs, the places they go, the time they spend at each place and other similar data on their activities. There are instances when a child goes missing or lost. During these difficult times LifePOI can be of assistance to identify the last geolocation (coordinates and place description with mobile). Through LifePOI, parents have a constant eye on their children and can act in case of an emergency.

lifePOI AroundMe can support this scope
providing peace of mind services.

lifePOI Life Innovation AroundMe

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Made with love for your family

Create your visual Human network of your “Points of Interest” (POIs) and let them share with you their location in a real-time mode. Stay connected and synced with your entire family or teammates and reduce multiple required texts, coordinate emergency events and support assisted life.
Thanks to GPS and AGPS technology, lifePOI can
project POIs in interactive visual map.

Be a member of a virtual human network get help anytime, anywhere.

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Mark yourself as SAFE anytime anywhere
even in a Club

LifePOI is the #first worldwide system and app that uses innovative technologies to support life-threatening events.
Moreover, there is a double-sword Safety service provided through the SAFE button and the Non-SAFE Button. In the first case, protected members may inform regularly of their status for piece of mind, while the Non-Safe button is used for emergency cases to notify of a problem. These services may be used for children, adults, people with disabilities, or people suffering of dementia or any diseases needing extra care.

Now there in no need to send “Where are you?” or “What’s your ETA?” via SMS. LifePOI provides this information on hand making your life easy.
Download lifePOI all sides and take care of all.

The only thing you need now to feel safe
is your mobile and the lifePOI app.