lifePOI the sefety net

fall-related injuries occur

For the over-65 population, falling can be a serious health risk. Three million older people each year are treated in emergency rooms for fall-related injuries, according to the CDC, and one in four older adults falls each year. lifePOI is especially useful when dealing with senior people that could suffer falls or other setbacks away from home.
From now on, you will be able to support their active and assisting living of your elderly relatives anytime, anywhere with the help of smart sensoring subsystem (Accelerometer, GPS locator and tracker) of lifePOI. Instead of using external devices, the lifePOI uses the built-in accelerometer sensor of your smart phone to detect motion and possible falls. Custom filters have also been developed to identify unintentional motion and separate ordinary movement form actual Fall. The settings sensitivity can be modified based on the phone user’s lifestyle. The algorithm has been tested to >240 cases and a set of different settings adopted to personalized needs and preferences has been provided to the user.
In real fall detection the lifePOI subsystem will start triggering a number of actions including (send out a message to emergency contacts, send out location etc.).

lifePOI AroundMe can support the mentioned above scope
reducing the serious health risks of the seniors people


Carry AAL medical history in your mobile

The lifePOI is also a mini personal health folder available for web, mobile interface. It is easy for the Seniors to store, record and share the personal medical data with any doctors or healthcare providers anytime, anywhere.
The user gets personalized web Account for accessing the complete health information. This feature helps the Seniors to store and track the Name, weight, medications, allergies, health history, Chronic Diseases and other health-related information. Additionally, lifePOI also serves with chronic medical history and insurance information at the time of an emergency.

The only thing you need now to feel safe
is your mobile and the lifePOI app.

lifePOI Life Innovation AroundMe

Visual Map

Made with love for your Seniors

Create your visual Human network of your “Points of Interest” (POIs) and let them to share with you their location in real-time mode. Stay connected and synced with your your elderly relatives and coordinate emergency events and support assisted life.
Thanks to GPS and AGPS technology, lifePOI can
project POIs in interactive visual map.

Now there in no need to send Call your elderly again and again, lifePOI provides a safety net on hand making your life easy.
Download lifePOI all sides and take care of all.

Be a member of a virtual human network get help anytime, anywhere.


lifePOI is always there to call for help

A SOS button is also included to take care and help your elders relatives. When pressed, a number of actions are triggered for example the phone call automatically the 112, and sends senior exact location to the relatives that have declared as Emergency contacts. For some countries, the emergency does NOT automatically dial 112, but triggers all the other actions.

The only thing you need now to feel safe
is your mobile and the lifePOI app.