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Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological brain disorder which causes problems with memory, thinking skills, and behavior. Even in cases of people who face Dementia / Alzheimer and related diseases, lifePOI can be a useful tool.
Revolutionary functionalities have been added to support those that have gone missing and cannot even activate the Emergency service.

The only thing you need now to feel safe
is your mobile and the lifePOI app.

lifePOI the safety net

Locate “Patient of Interest” on a Visual Map

Add a Patient at your Human network of your “Points of Interest” (POIs) and get information about his/her location in real-time mode. Stay connected and synced with your Patient and get piece of mind and support assisted life.
Thanks to GPS and AGPS technology, lifePOI can
project location of your patient in interactive visual map.

Add a Patient at your virtual human network give help anytime, anywhere.

lifePOI the safety net

Get Help by the people around

Relatives can activate the Alzheimer Status to the patient lifePOI end. In critical situations, we can also update remotely the Profile of the missing user and activate the Alzheimer / Dementia Status (if not selected in advance) anytime. Automatically, this status becomes visible to a broad area around the missing person. Both the carer and members within the geographical area around the missing person are informed of his/her exact position and may provide assistance. A red dot indicates the patient in the AroundMe screen.
Personal Details of the patient are not visible to others (Personal Data Protection), but only a UUID so Police can be notified and act accordingly for assistance.

lifePOI AroundMe can support this scope
reducing the anxiety of relatives since it can discover such Patients around us.


Health Status information in a mobile app

The lifePOI includes an Active Assisted Living Profile. It is easy for the Care providers of people who face Dementia / Alzheimer to store Health Status information (Name, weight, medications, allergies, health history, Chronic Diseases etc.) at AAL Profile.
This information can be used at the time of an emergency.

The only thing you need now to feel safe
is your mobile and the lifePOI app.

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Stay SAFE you and your family members anytime

Android Version 1.0.0 released on September 2020, the Apple iOS version will be released soon